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Fit Back/Chest/Hip D-Ring Bayonet Harness W/ W Belt V

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SKU: MSA10206545
Regular price £431.20
Regular price Sale price £431.20
Featuring a patent-pending RaceFLEX™ buckle, bulky chest straps are eliminated for a close and comfortable fit. The athletic cut of the V-FIT harness contours to the body, improving upper torso movement on the job, while soft shoulder padding helps to eliminate pressure points and chafing for all day comfort.
Adjustable waist pad allows you to position the waist pad specifically for you and your work day. With its patent pending design, the V-FIT waist pad can be adjusted higher on your torso for lumbar support or lower for work positioning applications. Designed around pressure points and by choosing breathable materials, the V-FIT waist pad delivers ultimate on-the-job comfort.

• Breathable spacer mesh foam shoulder padding that can be removed for cleaning, extending the life of the harness
• Patented leg strap design keeps leg straps in place as webbing lays horizontally across the thighs, creating a more natural fit
• Pull-down adjustment allows you to quickly and easily get the right fit that lasts throughout the work day
• New hex style stitch patterns make finding broken threads easy when inspecting the harness
• Nano-technology treated coated webbing that repels dirt, grease and moisture
• Bayonet buckle connection
• Back, chest and hip D-Ring
• EN 361:2002 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Full body harnesses
• EN 358:2018 Personal protective equipment for work positioning and prevention of falls from a height. Belts and lanyards for work positioning or restraint

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