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Oil & Fuel Spill Kit 20Ltr

Regular price £18.38
Regular price Sale price £18.38
Colour: White
Size: 20 LITRE
Regular price £18.38
Regular price Sale price £18.38
• Absorb hydraulic oil, engine oil, lubricating oil, fuel and solvents.
• Hydrophobic properties give superior oil sorbency without takig on water.
• Can be used outdoors in wet conditions to absorb hydrocarbons.
• Fast acting sorbent pads and socks.
• Strong wicking action for fast clean-up.
• Absorbs up to 20 litres.
• Disposable bag and tie included.
• Conforms to BS7959

Kit Contains:
• 12 x Double weight oil & fuel absorbent pads.
• 2 x 120cm oil & fuel socks.
• 1 x Disposal bag & tie.

• Packaged in a clip top bag.

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