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Msa10185615 1.8M Kernmantel Twin Leg Energy Absorbing Lanyard

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Regular price £139.50
Regular price Sale price £139.50
The MSA lanyards are available in web and kernmantel rope configurations with a variety of connectors. Energy-absorbing lanyards provide a means of connection between the fall arrest attachment of MSA full body harnesses and a qualified anchorage point. The energy absorber keeps fall arrest forces below 6 kN.

• Twin-leg configuration
• Leading edge approved for use in leading edge application
• Cross stitch and a strong transparent covering sleeve that protects the ends and makes the stitches visible for easy inspection
• Abrasion resistant thimble at the ends of the loops to prevents the rope from being damaged by the metallic contact of the connector
• A coloured tracer strand that loses its colour in due course of time showing that the lanyard is now unfit for further use
• 11mm Nylon Kernmantel rope
• 35mm width Nylon tear webbing shock absorber
• Galvanised alloy steel twist-lock karabiner with a minimum breaking strength of 25 kN and a gate opening of 16mm
• Aluminium Alloy Scaffolding Hook with a minimum breaking strength of 23 kN and a gate opening of 60mm
• Maximum arrest force of 6 KN and Maximum loading capacity of 100kg
• EN355:2002 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Energy absorbers

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